Site Promotion

Do you want to maximise the value of your land or property through the planning system? Then it is important to be aware that planning applications are not the only option available. Sites can be allocated in a local plan for a particular use and this may need to be changed before an alternative development will be allowed.

Local authorities are required to allocate sufficient land in a local plan to meet future needs for uses such as housing and employment. These development plans also include policies setting out the requirements for development. 

Councils must keep local plan up to date by reviewing them in part or full every five years.  The review stage provides an opportunity to put forward a site for inclusion in the local plan. Usually through a ‘Call for Sites’ consultation.

As a general rule of thumb, if you are looking to obtain a new allocation for your site, the earlier you engage in the local plan review process the greater the opportunity for securing a new allocation. Commonly the ‘Call for Sites’ takes place as one of the earliest stages of local plan review. However, there is often also an opportunity to submit sites for consideration at later stages of the local plan process.

Acer Town Planning is experienced at site promotion through the various stages of the development plan process.  We have helped clients to obtain development plan allocations for housing, retail and employment uses for brownfield, greenfield and green belt land. 

Our services include: 

  • Managing and preparing representations to various development plan documents including:
      • call for sites
      • local plans
      • core strategies
      • area action plans
      • neighbourhood plans
      • supplementary planning documents
      • strategic frameworks
  • Preparation of and input to development frameworks and masterplans
  • Expert review and critique of topic based evidence bases
  • Appearance at development plan examination

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