Community Consultation Services

Community consultations are recommended for certain planning applications – particularly those that are larger or likely to generate a lot of public interest.  

Planning consultation can take many forms and will be guided by the nature and scale of proposed development schemes. It encompasses public consultations, stakeholder meetings, on-line consultations, leaflet campaigns and social media campaigns. 

For smaller planning applications, it is always a good idea to speak to neighbouring properties or landowners about any plans before you submit them.  That way you will be aware of any concerns and hopefully resolve them prior to submitting your application. 

We help develop meaningful consultation strategies for major planning applications. Specifically targeted to reach key stakeholders utlilising methods designed to capture both positive support and draw out any concerns.   

Acer Town Planning coordinates community consultation strategies for applicants.  Alternatively, we can work alongside other consultants to ensure that planning considerations are properly taken into account.  Get in touch with us below to discuss a consultation strategy tailored to give your development the greatest chance of success.

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