Planning Appraisal Reports

'Do I need planning permission?' 'Will I get planning permission?' 'What can I build?' 'What constraints does my site have?' 'How can I change the use of my property?' 'What can I use my property for?"

An Acer Town Planning planning appraisal is tailored to your specific requirements and circumstances. It will provide you with bespoke planning strategy advice and, importantly, set out available options to help you to understand the possiblities. 

Firstly, a tailored planning report will list the site specific planning constraints and consider development potential.  Secondly, it will set out our professional planning opinion on the likelihood of success either for a given project or advice upon a range of potential uses for your land or property.  Finally, the advice will include our view on the optimum strategy to secure planning consent and deliver your vision.

Get in touch today to identify the possibilities and best strategy for your site or property. Friendly and approachable, with more than 20 years experience behind us, you can be reassured that we know all about planning so you don’t have to worry.

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